Our Services

With our comprehensive service, Catapult, Inc. can handle all of your association’s needs, freeing up volunteer Board time to focus more on the organization’s long-term goals and strategy. Because so much of what is involved with providing an association’s day-to-day management is integrated, we typically only offer “full service” management. However, we are open to discussing your specific needs if you are interested in limited services.

Below is a general list of the services that we provide:

Administrative Services

Our staff has extensive experience in handling all of the administrative functions of an association. Our office serves as your headquarters allowing your association to invest in the membership rather than in personnel, equipment and storage space for files.
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Board and Committee Support

Each Account Manager works very closely with the Executive Committee, Board and Committee Chairs.  We realize that they are all volunteers and want to make the most effective use of their time.  Our goal is to free-up the time of the leadership to focus on more important matters.

We help with:

  • drafting and distributing agendas
  • following Robert’s Rules of Order
  • providing supporting documents
  • taking and distributing minutes
  • offering administrative support
  • coordinating logistics
  • following up with action items

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Bookkeeping and Limited Accounting

Catapult Inc. can provide your association with full-service bookkeeping in accordance with approved practices. Our bookkeeping services include:

  • assisting the preparation of an annual budget;
  • receiving payments and paying bills;
  • reconciling accounts monthly;
  • preparing monthly financial reports (profit and loss statements and balance sheets); and
  • working with a CPA for annual tax filings, reviews and audits.

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Making use of current tools and technologies, Catapult Inc. is able to assist your volunteer leadership with the design, layout, production and distribution of newsletters, directories and other collateral as well as with electronic communications including e-mail blasts, e-newsletters and web site updates. Our experience allows us to help you develop a consistent message with a distinct look and feel to more effectively brand your association in the marketplace.

In addition, our professional staff serves as your members’ main contact with the association. We receive and respond to all association correspondence. We are attentive to the needs of each member and prospective member who calls or e-mails with a question and respond to their inquiries in an efficient and helpful manner.
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Database Management

Catapult Inc.’s staff can develop and maintain association databases to track members, prospective members and all stakeholders, allowing your association to more readily maintain contact, record attendance at meetings and follow-up with membership and renewals more efficiently. We can take the burden off of your volunteers by handling dues billings, maintaining updated contact information for mailings and e-mails, coordinating registrations for meetings, generating event notices, and more.
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Catapult, Inc.’s staff has wide-ranging experience in coordinating fundraising events and campaigns from silent auctions to golf tournaments. Whatever your fundraising needs, our knowledge can help your association leadership develop sponsorship packages, promote events and solicit and manage donations more effectively.
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Legislative Affairs

Catapult Inc. can assist your legislative committee or paid lobbyist in developing an effective grassroots program that allows your members to maintain and develop relationships with their legislators.
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Membership Recruitment

The future of an association lies in its membership. With our experience in membership recruitment and retention, Catapult Inc.’s staff knows how to work with your leadership to identify potential members, develop recruitment campaigns and develop and maintain a vibrant membership base that will help you reach your goals for growth and involvement of members.
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Program and Event Coordination


With our expertise in meetings and events, we are able to assist your association with all aspects of coordination, from workshops to conventions, trade shows to fundraisers. Catapult Inc. even has a Certified Meeting Professional on staff.  Our goal is to help you deliver the best events ever.

We can assist with:

  • developing a realistic budget while keeping costs under control
  • expediting the process of site selection
  • helping with choosing appropriate yet innovative solutions to meet your food and beverage requirements
  • coordinating with facility staff to arrange the meeting rooms
  • coordinating  audiovisual needs
  • handling on-site administration

We also have extensive experience with:

  • coordinating with speakers
  • securing entertainment
  • working with exhibitors for trade shows
  • developing campaigns to promote your sponsorship opportunities and your programs
  • handling pre- and on-site registration

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Strategic Planning

Planning for the future of your association is one of the most important responsibilities of a Board member, but it’s also one of the things that is the most difficult to find time to do. Catapult, Inc. can help. Our staff members have worked with associations for over 75 years and have a broad understanding of the importance of both short- and long-term planning for the success of your association. We can assist your board with the process of developing a vision for the future and setting realistic, flexible and measurable goals that help you achieve that vision.
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