• HIAPBA's Golf Tournament

    2015 HIAPBA's Annual Charity Golf Tournament

  • Catapult's team at the VSAE Seminar.

  • Catapult, Inc. Volunteers at the Junior Achievement Finance Park

    The Catapult, Inc. team joined members from the WRBA in a day of volunteering at the Junior Achievement Finance Park - a program that helps high school students learn money management and other applied financial skills.

  • Catapult's team at the VSAE luncheon.

  • WRBA Annual Charity Golf Tournament

  Merge Chesapeake-based Organization Management Group Inc. (OMG) and Catapult, Inc. announced their merger on July 23, 2016, leveraging 33 years of management expertise and specialized administrative services as an association management company (AMC) to the associations, societies, and other nonprofit and for-profit organizations they serve. Read more...
What is an AMC?
Association Management Companies (AMCs) are used all over the world by business, trade, service, and professional associations and societies of all membership and budget sizes. They are independent business organizations providing expert management services to associations and organizations. AMCs provide associations with a home and a place of business where all activities of the association are coordinated and managed in a cost-effective manner. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
The AMC Advantage
In August 2015, the AMC Institute released a study showing that associations that partner with an association management company (AMC) experience three times the growth in net assets and 31% more growth in net revenue, regardless of the association’s size and 501(c) status.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
Work with Our Team
To provide quality service, Catapult, Inc. provides each of its partners with one point of contact, an account manager. The account manager is supported by the rest of the Catapult, Inc. team. Each account manager plays many different roles. And while each is responsible for their own accounts, we work in a very team-oriented environment. Meet our team
Grow Your Organization
Our philosophy is one of consistent improvement. Whether your Association is local, regional, national, or international, trade-based or interest-based, Catapult, Inc. is the choice for a reliable and proactive management company. View our areas of expertise
The Catapult Advantage
“Your Mission is Our Mission." Our goal is to implement the vision of the Board. Our business model is to grow with our clients and to become a true partner with them. As such, each partner is managed as a separate business and is managed to be profitable year after year. The Catapult approach


“As a relatively new client of Catapult, we at the Greater Richmond Sailing Association could not be happier.  They have been helpful in every endeavor from assisting in switching banks, to accommodating requested changes in reporting formats to readiness in participating in our monthly board meetings.  More than that, however, is their IMMEDIATE RESPONSE and TIMELINESS to daily issues and going out of their way to ‘go the extra mile’ in supporting our efforts.  They act more like members of GRSA than just an organization hired to take over some responsibilities which we have out grown.”

2016-2017 COMMODORE

“Catapult, Inc. has been an essential partner with WRBA for over ten years. Consistently, Catapult has navigated our Association through the troubled waters and the smooth sailing in a manner that can only be achieved by a firm that takes the time to truly understand our unique challenges. The attention to detail and enthusiasm to advance our Association are the intangibles that make Catapult a clear choice for any association.”

— Robert C. Buchanan
Archer Integration
2010-2011 WRBA President

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